BUILDING BLOCKS AGAINST CLIMATE CHANGE SoCal Shout-Out to Paris, December 12, 2015

From November 28 to December 12, 2015, mass demonstrations are planned across the world, demanding that international leaders — meeting in Paris for a global Climate Summit — implement policies to stop climate change now! In Southern California, a broad array of organizations and groups, friends and family, coworkers and communities will join in on the  final day of global action, Saturday, December 12,  gathering along Wilshire Boulevard in a chain of Building Blocks Against Climate Change! A diversity of groups and individuals are invited to each create their part of an interlinking network of protests — like overlapping neighborhood vigils or sidewalk picket lines — extending block after adjacent block between Vermont and Western. Think about it: what does climate change mean to you, to the causes you work on, the people you care about, the future you fight for? How might you bring your message in your way to the people on the streets of Los Angeles? How might you start whole new conversations, spread the word where the media does not, reach communities where politicians fail, help mobilize a mass movement of movements united against climate change? Join us, and together, on December 12, we will let world leaders know that the people’s climate movement is marching forward, from every community, cause, and country, determined to Stop Climate Change Now!

WHAT:     Building Blocks Against Climate Change! The SoCal Shout-Out to Paris!

WHEN:     Saturday, December 12, 2015, 1pm – 4pm

WHERE:  Wilshire Blvd, from Vermont to Western

WHO:       Launched by the Converging Storms Action Network, and sponsored by all participants (see list to date, below).  

HOW:       To participate in this Building Blocks event, follow these 4 easy steps:

1. PICK A LOCATION: Look at the map on this website (below) to pick a corner, block, intersection, or series of blocks for you or your group to meet! (eg SW corner Wilshire & Normandie, intersection Wilshire & Catalina, N side of Wilshire from Vermont to Berendo, both sides Wilshire from Oxford to Western).    

* Helpful Hint #1: Consider collaborating! More than one group or individual can sign up for the same location! Or, sign up on your own at a corner, then see if friends might want to join! You can create a zone (eg Anti-Fracking Zone, Student & Educators Zone, Labor Zone), or joint activity (eg Bike Against Climate Change Caravan, meet up @ Vermont at 2pm, Sing-Out for the Planet, SW corner of Berendo, Bring Kids to a Working Mothers Climate Chalk-Out, NE corner of Alexandria & Wilshire). And be sure to invite others to your location (eg Come to the System Change Zone, between Vermont & Berendo!).

2. SUBMIT FORM: Fill out the Form on this website (below) with your name or group name,  contact email or phone number, and location on Wilshire where you want to meet December 12, and hit Submit! (BTW, your name/location won’t immediately  show up online; we need to manually add participants, but will do so shortly!)

* Helpful Hint #2: It really matters if you sign up on this website!  People are encouraged to show up the day of the event. But because Building Blocks is the product of many clusters of people, its appeal or buzz , its momentum, is best built by a growing and diverse list of participants signing up on the website ahead of time. If a broad range of groups and individuals do so, others will do the same, and more will attend on December 12! So please, Sign up now!

3. MAKE PLANS & MATERIALS: Plan in advance what you want to say, do, bring, distribute, and how. Be creative! Make and bring signs, flyers, petitions, questionaires, educational materials, street theater, music, art, displays, or whatever you think will engage people about climate change, and best convey how you see it intersecting the  issues you care about.  

* Helpful Hint #3: This is not a march or rally; signs/speakers are not provided. But since media and policymakers often don’t report popular dissent, we chose sidewalk protests to engage the public directly. How? It’s up to you. This is a chance to bring your concerns to the street your way, to learn the concerns of others, to interact with folks walking and driving by, to urge them to get involved. Think about the neighborhood, what you want to convey, what materials/activities would work best to do so. 

4. OUTREACH TO ALL YOUR CONTACTS: Inform your group members, friends, or coworkers, forwarding the announcement to everyone, including every group, every individual, and every listserve/event page /Twitter feed you know!

Helpful Hint #4: Remember, you ARE the people’s media! It will make a real difference if you advertise the event, urging everyone to join you at your location, OR sign up for a corner or block of their own, OR share a block with other groups, OR just ENDORSE Building Blocks (see below). The more people you inform of this event, the more who will join you December 12! So do help spread the word!


5. EVEN IF YOU CAN’T COMMIT, YOU CAN ENDORSE US IN SUPPORT: Although you might not be sure if you can sign up for Building Blocks at a given time and place (or perhaps you can’t make it at all), you still can ENDORSE the event! Just fill out the Form (name/ group name and contact info) on this website (below), and we will add you as an event Endorser! 6. IF YOU CAN’T COMMIT OR  ENDORSE, JUST JOIN US DECEMBER 12! Even you can’t sign up in advance, come  down to Wilshire and join people already signed up to be there! Check out the list on this website (below) to see who signed up where. You need not sign up ahead to participate! Everyone is Welcome!



How is Building Blocks different from past protests? This is a new kind of action: a grassroots, decentralized, self-organizing, multigroup, multiblock mobilization! Each cluster meets at their chosen site, speaking out on climate however they think best. The approach is uniquely powerful in several ways. Since on sidewalks we need no permits or to divert traffic beyond barricades, protestors can interact with the public directly. Since we need not agree on points of unity/slogans/speakers, each participant can decide how to interact, what to do or say, bringing their own signs, flyers, demands, and approach. Groups thereby retain the kind of diverse, grassroots autonomy found in L.A.’s vigil movement, building what friend Bill Miller called a “come -as-you-are, do-your-own-thing, pot-luck demonstration!” Yet we also can combine efforts in a face-to-face, feet-on-ground, simultaneous , sidewalk step-out, raising voices together at the same time, in the same place, on the same issue: Stop Climate Change Now!

If I’ve not been active in environmental issues, why join a climate action?  Whether or not you’ve been active on this issue, climate change is happening now, and it impacts us all. And, while world leaders may discuss climate policies, their past record suggests only mass movements have the power to push for a real end to the fossil-fuel dependency and limitless growth killing earth’s habitable climate. So we ask everyone: What does climate change mean to you, to causes you work on, people you care about, future you fight for? How will everything become more difficult — now, in your lifetime — by the hard, desperate scramble for finite resources on a dying planet? What will victory look like  — in the fight for survival, justice, peace, equality, democracy, joy —  in a world so choked by fossil-fueled greenhouse gasses and a destabilized biosphere that life as we know it is no longer possible? And,  what must we do now? What obligation do we have to tomorrow’s children? Don’t you think you can find a way to join climate change to your current concerns, to add your “building block of protest” to our combined efforts to make our voices for a healthy planet heard? Join us December 12, to help build the powerful, diverse, massive people’s climate movement so urgently needed to save life on earth.

What are the logistical/legal considerations of this kind of demonstration?   This is your opportunity to interact with the public, and other participants, around the climate issue, in your own way. And we welcome your initiative and concern. But please be mindful of this: This event takes place on the =sidewalks= of Wilshire, and has no permits to march in the streets, or rally. The streets are not closed off, car/pedestrian traffic will be moving around you,  businesses open as usual. That means, legally, you can’t interfere with normal flow of traffic, on sidewalks or in streets, or in any way create an obstacle. A good rule of thumb is to remain mobile, able to move easily with your materials. Also be aware that Metro Stations are private property: officials may ask you not to loiter in their boundaries. And we ask everyone’s help in monitoring the event, and in forming moving picket lines to allow a normal flow of traffic to go by.  Please be mindful of those wanting to cross the streets, courteously leaving sufficient space at the corners for them to do so freely. We also encourage everyone to respect people passing by, groups of participants, and property owners in the area.


To pick a location on Wilshire, fill out the following form:

List of Participants & Locations on Wilshire, to date:

* Converging Storms Action Network – CSAN (Wilshire, between Vermont & Berendo). Also, anyone wanting to join a  System Change Zone are invited to come to Wilshire, between Vermont & Berendo.

* A village effort (Wilshire & Vermont)

* Anti-Racist Action – Los Angeles (Wilshire & Berendo)

* Bernie Sanders Supporters Against Climate Change (SE corner of Wilshire & Berendo)

* Burbank Green Alliance (NW corner of Wilshire & Catalina)

* John Choy (Location TBA)

* Citi  (NE corner of Wilshire & Vermont)

* Citizens Climate Lobby (NE corner of Wilshire & Vermont)

* Coalition for Educational Justice – CEJ (NW corner of Wilshire & Catalina). Also, anyone wanting to join a  Student & Educators Zone are invited to come to the North side of Wilshire, between Berendo & Catalina.

* Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (Wilshire, between Vermont & Berendo)

* Democratic Socialists of America, Los Angeles – DSA-LA (Wilshire & Vermont)

* Mary Kate Denny (Wilshire & Western)

* Food & Water Watch (Wilshire & Vermont)

* Marilyn Fuss –; N.A.N. (Wilshire & Vermont)

* Raul Gonzalez (I’ll be there…)

* Green Spotts Yoga (SW corner of Wilshire & Berendo)

*John Hubacher (Wilshire & Vermont)

* International Marxist-Humanist Organization, West Coast (Wilshire & Vermont)

* jonathan (Wilshire & Normandie)

* Kung Fu Moves (Wilshire, between Vermont & Berendo)

* L.A. EcoSocialist Group (Wilshire, between Vermont & Berendo)

* LA LGBT Greens, with Out Against War (SE corner of Wilshire & Vermont)

* Lee Rothman/LA EcoDharma (Wilshire & Western)

* Long Beach Area Peace Network, with Military Families Speak Out (Wilshire and Ardmore)

* Los Angeles for Bernie (SE corner of Wilshire & Berendo)

* Los Angeles EcoSocialist Network (Wilshire, between Vermont & Berendo)

* Martin Luther King Coalition of Greater Los Angeles (SE corner of Wilshire & Catalina)

* Military Families Speak Out, with Long Beach Area Peace Network (Wilshire and Ardmore)

* Montrose Peace Vigil, with NELA Radical Neighbors for Peace Through Justice (North side of  Wilshire, just East of Mariposa)

* NELA Radical Neighbors for Peace Through Justice, with the Montrose Peace Vigil  (North side of Wilshire, just East of Mariposa)

* One Struggle (California State University Northridge – CSUN (Wilshire, between Normandie & Mariposa)

* Out Against War, with LA LGBT Greens (SE corner of Wilshire & Vermont)

* Mary Proteoau, with SoCal 350 Climate Action (NW corner of Wilshire & Catalina)

* Revolution Books (Wilshire & Vermont)

* Revolutionary Poets Brigade (Wilshire & Vermont)

* Jimmy Rivera – San Gabriel Neighbors for Peace & Justice (Wilshire, between Vermont & Western). Also, anyone wanting to join a Bike Caravan Against Climate Change, meet up  at Vermont & Wilshire @ 2pm, with signs on your bike and/or you. We will bike on Wilshire, between Vermont & Western.

* Skateboarders Against Climate Change (Wilshire & Berendo)

* SoCal 350 Climate Action (NW corner of Wilshire & Catalina)

* Socialist Party – Los Angeles Local (Wilshire & Vermont)

* Solidarity (Wilshire & Vermont)

* Southern California Pachamama Alliance (Wilshire & Kenmore)

* Stop Fracking Long Beach (Location TBA)

* Robert Sucher (Wilshire & S. Hobart)

* Tar Sands Action So Cal (NW corner of Wilshire & Catalina)

* Topanga Peace Alliance (Wilshire & Vermont)

*Ailish Ullmann (joining the Student & Educators Zone, on the North side of Wilshire, between Berendo & Catalina)

* United Nations Association Whittier (SW corner of Wilshire & Catalina)

*United Teachers of Los Angeles – UTLA (North side of Wilshire, between Berendo & Catalina). Also, anyone wanting to join a  Student & Educators Zone are invited to come to the North side of Wilshire, between Berendo & Catalina.

* VisionLA’15 Climate Action Arts Festival – “Art Making Change” (Wilshire & Vermont)

* Whittier Area Environmental Coalition (SW corner of Wilshire & Catalina)

Additional Endorsers of event, to date:

* AFSCME Retiree Chapter 36

* American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Local 2276, Glendale College Guild

* Frank Dorrel, Addicted to War

* Lyeah Granderson

* Health Care for All – Los Angeles Chapter 

* Indymedia on Air  (KPFK Pacifica Radio) 

* Ed Pearl, The Ash Grove

* Student Sustainability Collective of Riverside City College

Zones & Activities, to date:

– System Change Zone (Wilshire, between Vermont & Berendo) – Student & Educators Zone (North side of Wilshire, between Berendo & Catalina) – Bike Caravan Against Climate Change (Meet up at Vermont & Wilshire @ 2pm, with signs on your bike and/or you. We will bike on Wilshire, between Vermont & Western.)

See below for previous Building Blocks actions & Participant lists  **************************************************************************

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