* On Saturday, September 20, Southern California will join tens of thousands of people demonstrating in New York City against climate change. A broad assortment of organizations and groups, friends and families, coworkers and communities will gather along Wilshire Boulevard in a chain of interlinking block protests. Diverse groups and individuals will each create their part of a network of protests — like overlapping neighborhood vigils or sidewalk picket lines — extending block after adjacent block between Alvarado and Wilton. Together, we will demand that world leaders, meeting at the United Nations in New York, implement policies to Stop Climate Change Now!

WHEN:   Saturday, September 20, 2014, 1pm-5pm

WHERE: Wilshire Blvd, between Alvarado and Wilton

WHAT:     Building Blocks of Protests Against Climate Change!

This is a new kind of demonstration: a no-frills, grassroots, decentralized, self-organizing, multi-group, multi-block mobilization! Each group will gather at their chosen corner, block, intersection, or series of blocks along Wilshire between Alvarado and Wilton. (Sign up for your location on our website today!) Each group can decide for themselves where to gather and what to say, bringing their own signs, slogans, banners, flyers, and approach. In this way, groups retain the kind of grassroots autonomy and diversity found in LA’s vigil movement. Yet the groups also will combine efforts in a non-virtual, face-to-face, feet-on-the- ground, simultaneous “sidewalk step-out,” raising our voices together at the same time, on the same thoroughfare, around the same issue: Stop Climate Change Now!

HOW:      To participate, you – as an individual or group – may do the following:

  1. Look at the map to pick a corner, intersection, block, or series of blocks for your group to meet!  (For example: NW corner Wilshire & Shatto; or intersection Wilshire & Wilton; or north side of Wilshire between Vermont & Berendo; or both sides of Wilshire between Normandie and Western.)
  2. Fill out the form on this website with your name or group name, a contact email or phone number, and the location on Wilshire where you want to meet on September 20, and hit Submit!
  3. Inform your group members (and as many other people and groups you know!), make plans and materials for your group’s “Building Block,” then come to your chosen site to protest on September 20!

        Please Note:

  • More than one group or individual can sign up for the same location!
  • You also could  create a zone, inviting other groups to join you (e.g. ” join our Anti-Fracking Zone,” or “Students Against Climate Change Zone,” or  “Organized Labor Zone”), and provide a location (e.g. Come to the System Change Zone, on Wilshire, between Vermont & Barendo.)
  • And you could shout-out for a shared activity!  (e.g. “Bike Meet-Up with signs to caravan Wilshire,” or “Bring kids to Working Mothers Zone in the park,” or  “Sing-Out for the Planet,” providing times and location).

OR:          If you can’t commit to a time and location, you also can just:

  1. Endorse this event, in support of it! Even if you cannot commit to attending at a given time and place, or cannot make it at all, just fill out the form on this website, and we’ll add you as an Additional Endorser!
  2. Come join people already signed up to be there on September 20th! (Check out the website to see who has signed up and where.) You need not sign up in advance to participate! Everyone is welcome!
  3. Help spread the word! Forward the announcement to everyone and every group you know! Encourage them to sign up for a corner or block, or to share a block with other groups, or to join you at yours! The more groups who sign up on our website, the more people will be likely to join us on September 20!

 WHO:   Launched by the Converging Storms Action Network, and sponsored by all participating groups and individuals. KPFK 90.7FM is a Building Blocks Media Sponsor. For information, contact Converging Storms Action Network at To view participants to date, click on map “bubbles,” or check the list below.

SPECIAL NOTE: This is your opportunity to interact with the public, and other groups and individuals, around the climate issue. But please be mindful of the following:

  • This event takes place on the =sidewalks= of Wilshire, and has no permits to be a rally or march in the streets.
  • The streets are not closed off, car/pedestrian traffic will be moving around you, and businesses will be open as usual.
  • That means: you cannot interfere with the normal flow of traffic, on the sidewalks or in the streets.
  • Please do not assume you can stop in streets, block sidewalks, set up tables, or do anything creating an obstacle.
  • Also be aware that Metro Stations are private property, and officials may ask you not to loiter within their boundaries.
  • The best rule of thumb is to remain mobile and carry your materials with you.
  • We ask your help in monitoring the event, and in forming moving picket lines that allow a normal flow of traffic to go by.
  • We encourage everyone to respect people passing by, other groups of participants, and property owners in the area.

To pick a location on Wilshire, fill out the following form:

List of Participants & Locations on Wilshire to date:

* Converging Storms Action Network (Wilshire, between Vermont & Berendo). Also, anyone wanting to join a  System Change Zone are invited to come to Wilshire, between Vermont & Berendo.

* 350 director/co-founder’s mom and step-dad (Wilshire & Commonwealth)

* Sarah Agajanian & Artists for Clean Energy (Wilshire & Catalina)

* Alliance for Climate Education (Wilshire & Normandie)

* Andrew Asch (Wilshire & Normandie)

* Backyard Skeptics Orange County (Wilshire & Vermont)

* Jordon Balderson (Wilshire & Vermont)

* Christian A. Beck (Wilshire & Berendo)

* Jill Blaisdell (Wilshire & Vermont) 

* Joyce Brody (Wilshire & Shatto)

* Bob Brummel (Wilshrie & Kenmore)

* Burbank Green Alliance (Lafayette Park, Wilshire & Commonwealth)

* California Nurses Association (Wilshire & Benton, Lafayette Park)

* Campaign for Sustainable Development (Wilshire & Western, end of Metro line. We are coming by train from the Inland Empire!)

* Canyon Land Conservation Fund (Wilshire & Park View)

* Stuart Chandler (Wilshire & Wilton)

* Anthony Chun (Wilshire & New Hampshire)

* Scott Claassen (Wilshire & Gramercy)

* Citizens Climate Lobby (Wilshire & Kenmore)

* Claremont Colleges (Wilshire & Carondelet)

* Jackie Cochrane (Wilshire & Western)

* Collier’s Group (Wilshire & Western)

* Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, Los Angeles (Wilshire, between Vermont & Berendo) 

* Susan Cope (Wilshire at the Western edge of the protest, near Wilton)

* Michael Cornell (Wilshire & Western)

* Laura Dalton (Wilshire & Rampart)

* Democratic Socialists of America (Wilshire, between Vermont & Berendo)

* Democrats for Neighborhood Action (Wilshire & Shatto)

* Michael Dow (Wilshire & Mariposa)

* Echo Park-Silverlake Hoot (Location TBA)

* Lynne Edwards & family (Wilshire & Park View)

* Endangered Habitats League  (Wilshire & Alvarado)

* The Environemntal Defenders (Wilshire & Vermont)

* Environmental Justice Committee of the Asian Pacific Policy & Planning Council  (Wilshire & Harvard and Wilshire & Kingsley). Also, we invite Asian Pacific community organizations to join us on Wilshire, between Harvard and Kingsley.

* Environmental Law Society, Southwestern Law School (Wilshire & Vermont)

* Food & Water Watch (Wilshire/Normandie Metro Station – Wilshire & Ardmore)

* Theresa Foster/ISO (Wilshire & Vermont)

* Friends Against Climate Change (System Change Zone, Wilshire & New Hampshire)

* Friends of Dan Wang – in honor of his green spirit! (Wilshire & 3rd, in Santa Monica!)

* Paul Fries (Wilshire & Vermont)

* Generations United for Action (Wilshire & Wilton)

* Sarah-Jane George — Marimpact (Wilshire & Alvarado)

* Green Train University (Wilshire & Normandie)

* Donna Heim (Wilshire & Normandie)

* Scott Hornbacher (Wilshire & Westmoreland)

* Michele Hutchins (Wilshire & Ardmore)

* Arlene Inoueye – United Teachers of Los Angeles (Wilshire & Berendo)

* Immanuel Presbytarian Church (3300 Wilshire Blvd, in front of and representing Immanuel Presbytarian Church)

* Barbie Ishida (Wilshire & Vermont, right next to Red Line)

* Richard Kamei, President AFT Local 2276, Glendale College Guild (Wilshire, between Vermont & Berendo)

* Saran Kirschbaum (Wilshire & Normandie)

* KPFK Pacifica Radio LA 90.7 FM, SB 98.7, SD 93.7 (Wilshire & Vermont – our Building Blocks event Media Sponsor!)

* LA Jew for Peace (Wilshire * Western Metro Plaza)

* Labor/Community Strategy Center (Wilshire, between Catalina & Berendo)

* Scott Laster (Lafayette Park, Wilshire & Commonwealth)

* League of Women Voters – Los Angeles Region (Wilshire & Kenmore)

* Darcy Little (Wilshire & Vermont)

* Los Angeles EcoSocialist Network (Wilshire, between Vermont & Berendo)

* Los Angeles Eco-Village (Wilshire & Vermont)

* Loyola Marymount University – LMU (Wilshire & Westlake)

* Nancy Marin & family (Wilshire & Vermont)

* Martin Luther King Coalition of Greater Los Angeles (NE and SE corners of Wilshire & Western)

* Eisha Mason (Wilshire & Wilton)

* Kevin Mayorga (Wilshire & Wilton)

* Joe McLaughlin (Wilshire & Berendo)

* Leslie Medina (Wilshire & Normandie)

* Kate Lewis – UTLA (Wilshire & Berendo)

* Mission Solidarity (Wilshire & Western, end of Metro line. We are coming by train from the Inland Empire!)

* MOVI – Money Out Voters In (Wilshire & Manhattan)

* Natural Resources Defense Council (Wilshire & Normandie)

* Lance Neckar (Wilshire & Normandie)

* NELA Radical Neighbors for Peace Through Justice (SW Corner of Wilshire &  Mariposa)

* Noelle’s liberal ministry (Wilshire & Berendo)

* Michael Novick, Anti-Racist Action (joining the MLK Coalition at Wilshire & Western)

* Occidental Divestment from Fossil Fuels! (Wilshire & Park View)

* Occupy Democracy – Pasadena (Wilshire & Kenmore/Fedora, to support Citizens Climate Lobby)

* Sky Pham (WIlshrie & Anywhere)

* Pierce College Vegan Society (Wilshire & S. Alexandria)

* Planet Experts (NW Corner of Wilshire & Catalina)

* Matt Polesetsky (Wilshire & Normandie)

* Linda Pollari (Wilshire & Western)

* Linda Ilene Pollari (Wilshire & Vermont)

* Progressive Christians Uniting (Wilshire & Lafayette Park)

* Rose Puntillo (Wilshire & Vermont)

* The Reding Group (Wilshire & Virgil)

* Reneeheatherly (Wilshire, between Vermont & Berendo)

* Revolution Books LA (Wilshire & Wilton)

* A. Riggle (Wilshire & Normandie)

* Philip Rojc (Wilshire & Normandie)

* Michael Rotcher (Wilshire & Normandie)

* San Fernando Valley Gray Panthers (Wilshire & Ardmore)

* Savetheclimate (Wilshire & Harvard)

* Ted Shatz (Wilshire & Virgil)

* Susan Sherman (WIlshire & Normandie)

* Sierra Club (Wilshire & Normandie)

* Kimberly Sloss (Wilshire & Western, coming in by train from the Inland Empire!)

* So Cal 350, Wilder Utopia, Wild Heritage Planners (Lafayette Park, Wilshire & Benton)

* Socialist Party Los Angeles Local (Wilshire & Vermont)

* Socialist Party USA (Wilshire & Vermont)

* Solidarity (Wilshire, between Vermont & Berendo)

* Southern California Communist Party USA (Wilshire & St. Andrews Place)

* Southern California Pachamama Alliance (Wilshire & Kenmore)

* Edda Spielmann – Sierra Club  (Wilshire & Normandie)

* The Straight Edge International Brigade (Wilshire & Vermont)

* Jennifer Suh (Wilshire & Park View)

* Tar Sands Action So Cal (Lafayette Park)

* The. Medbury (Wilshire & Hobart)

* Robin Thorne (Wilshire & Wilton)

* Transition Towns of Greater Los Angeles (Wilshire & Western)

* Unitarian Universalist Church of Long Beach (Wilshire, across from Lafayette Park)

* Unitarian Universalist Standing of the Side of Love (Wilshire & Ardmore)

* United Earthlings at the Climate March (Wilshire & S. Alexandria)

* United Teachers of Los Angeles – UTLA (Wilshire & Berendo)

* van deshields (Wilshire & Western)

* Denise Van Zago (Wilshire & Alvarado)

* Viridis Graduate Institute: International School of Ecopsychology (Wilshire & Alvarado — MacArthur Park area)

* Nicholas Walrath (Wilshire & Vermont)

* Whittier Area Environmental Coalition (3300 Wilshire, at Berendo, in front of Immanuel Presbytarian Church)

* Whittier Area Peace & Justice Coalition (Endorse Building Blocks Against Climate Change Southern California Climate Demonstration, and in solidarity with the Whittier Area Environmental Coalition, 3300 Wilshire, at Berendo, in front of Immanuel Presbytarian Church)

* Wilshire Center Koreatown Neighborhood Council (Wilshire & Vermont)

* wisewordsmankas (Wilshire at MacArthur Park)

* Rasheelle Zelaznik (Wilshire & Gramvery)

* Mark Zimoski (Wilshire & Vermont)


Additional Endorsers of event to date:

* AFSCME Retiree Chapter 36

* AFT Local 2276, Glendale College Guild

* Ed Pearl, The Ash Grove

* Electronic Music Alliance

* Frank Dorrel, Addicted to War

* International Marxist-Humanist Organization, West Coast

* Jewish Labor Committee, Western Region

* David Klein

* Miss R*EVOLutionaries

* Patrick Morgan

* Dennis E. Sanders

* San Gabriel Neighbors for Peace & Justice

* School of the Americas Watch

* Steve Weatherwax

* William C. Velasquez Institute 


  1. Deeply exciting. I think the 1 percent believes the horror will not touch them. I want to be involved. I will pick a group. I just wanted to say I will be there between 2 and 3. Thank You Robin Thorne


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